Making Mam & Dad happy on Holiday

Well over the years I have asked this question: What makes mammy’s and daddy’s happy on holiday? Well we are heading into our 21st year here in Robertstown Holiday Village self catering cottages and having had many families of all ages stay, I think I have figured it out, well I hope I have!
If the children are happy, then Mam and Dad are happy. 
So then what makes the Children happy I ask. Is it lots of time to run about, have fun and enjoy new experiences and friends that they meet here or on their travels around Kildare. Is it the attractions that they visit, is it the use of WiFi or lack of it – this is Rural Ireland after all – but we do try here in the village and it makes the Robertstown News every now and again!

These thoughts bring me back to when I was a child, and the above statement was so true then too. I never remember a bad holiday as a child, whether my holiday was a day out or a week away. Generally though I was blessed that we went to Carne beach for a week (sometimes two) for many years in our caravan. Getting to Carne was a big challenge: hoping the car would not overheat or get stuck going up a hill. (there were no NCT’s back then!) In Carne all we had to entertain us was the beach or the little harbour. We would go looking for baby crabs, cycle to the harbour and see what boats were in/out from when we visited last. But that wasn’t all we had, it was the other children we met, the games we played with them, building forts, pretending we were the Famous 5 (without Timmy the dog! – now I’m giving away my age!). If it rained we played board games in the caravan. On the odd occasion we visited places like Our Lady’s Island, Broadway Tavern, Rosslare strand to see the big ships coming in (here was nothing like the abundance of attractions that we have nowadays) or to see the windmill in Tagoat and as a very special treat we would go the the Lobster Pot for lunch.

Today children are no different to when I was a kid, yes I know they have technology and NEED wifi but why not just have pain old fun and games like we used to. There is so much to do and see here in Kildare for Children whether it is a sunny or rainy day that they should be exhausted by the time that they are going home. However I’ve decided that I am going to buy some board games and put them into each cottage for the summer and challenge the families to play one board game, at the very least, during their stay. I cannot wait to hear the feedback.
Will keep you posted….

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