Walking & Cycling on the Grand Canal

This evening the weather was ideal here in Robertstown for walking or cycling on the Grand Canal. I took a very short walk today from Lock 19 to Allenwood and back to the Selfcatering cottages. In all it just took 30 minutes. En route I met many like minded as myself making most of the gentle stretch in the evening. Taking time to stand at the 19th Lock and watch the boats moored my thoughts wander off to a time that I am not familiar with but a time that was talked about so much through my life, life plying the Grand Canal as a boatman as told by my grand Uncle Paddy “Waxer” Dunne. He was 12 when he joined his father on the Grand Canal boats and lived and breathed life on the Grand Canal all his life……a story I will cChildren on the Canalontinue again another day